New Nordic Active Liver 60tabl.

New Nordic Active Liver 60tabl.

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  • Marine thistle, artichoke, turmeric and choline
  • Helps maintain a normal liver function
  • Maintains a normal fat shift
  • Only one tablet a day



Active Liver ™ is a tablet that helps support your liver if you live a "fat life". The tablet, which is made in Sweden, contains a combination of herbal extracts such as marijuana, artichoke, turmeric and black pepper, as well as the vitamin choline. Globe artichoke supports your daily liver-bile function. The content of choline helps maintain normal liver function and fat (lipid) metabolism.


Take 1 tablet daily with liquid. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not replace a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Should be kept out of reach of small children. Should only be used by pregnant, breastfeeding or infants under 11 years of age, with the agreement of a doctor or health care professional.


  • If a lifestyle that is nutritionally unbalanced is lived, the lack of essential nutrients that support liver function occurs. (eg missing Choline)
  • More obese people suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver, due to malnutrition, leading to poor health and unhealthy skin.
  • Sugar is compared to glucose and fructose. When consuming large amounts of sugar and fructose, the fructose will very easily be stored in the liver as fat. In this way, a fatty liver with a buttery consistency will resemble the familiar "Foie gras" from geese and ducks.